Real T:me CX

Live and Act in the Moment

Humanising Conversations is all about understanding your customers, thinking on your feet and connecting emotionally.
You don’t have to rip and replace your current technology and infrastructure, we leverage them.
Offer at the right moment
Real T:me Marketing
Timing is Everything and DigitalChameleon engages and makes personalised offers to customers when they are most likely to accept!
CX-realtime marketing The-Conversational-AI-Chatbot-for-Banking-and-Financial-Services-Industry-by-DigitalChameleon-real-time-marketing The-Conversational-AI-Chatbot-for-Banking-and-Financial-Services-Industry-by-DigitalChameleon-real-time-marketing
Every Conversation can be a Conversion
Real T:me Sales
Personalised Conversations & Offers Leveraging Chameleon Algorithms & Triggers
CX-realtime marketing customer-service customer-service
Let Your Mobile App Speak with the Users
Real T:me Servicing
In-app personalisation
Real-time speech translation
Preference Driven Dashboard
Targeted Campaigns
Smart Alerts & Reminders
On-the-go AI Support
Predefined Mobile Banking Use cases
Organisation-wide view of Conversations
Real T:me Monitoring
Monitor and intervene Bot or Agent conversations seamlessly
Sentiment, Mood, and Milestone Based Alerts and Diversions
Monitor the availability, capacity and performance of the agents
Sneak peek and Assist Agents Seamlessly
CX-realtime marketing
All-in-one AI-Powered Agent Dashboard
Real Time Intel
360-degree customer view in the most advanced Agent Dashboard
Quickies, AI alerts and assistance to respond at ease
Team Collaboration with seamless Agent-to-agent chat
Auto-cruise allowing multi-tasking for the Agents
AI-Assistance with standard responses reducing Agent training time
Smart Auto and Manual Tagging to add context to the chats
CX-realtime marketing
Sophisticated KPIs | Actionable Insights
Real Time Learning
Visual representation of customer journeys
Analyse frictions and drops to Optimise
Plan and Forecast business more accurately with What-if Analysis
CX-realtime marketing
Only limitation is your imagination

Create Stunning Front-end (Web | Mobile App | Social Media | Voice)

Go-to-Market without writing a single line of code...