Emotions are the most powerful thing in the world driving Human Behaviour & Relationships!

But the nuances of emotions get lost in the Digital World

We’ve created ‘Digital Humans’

that adapt to circumstances, sentiments, moods and behaviours of customers in real time, providing personalised engagement replacing Brainless, Emotionless, Scripted and Siloed Traditional Digital Experiences

It all started with the Real Chameleon

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In his first job back in 1997 in Mumbai, while attending a personality development course he was asked for a metaphor to describe himself…somehow he instinctively said ‘CHAMELEON’… Because he was always encouraged by his dad to adapt in all circumstances.

Two decades later he was suggested Chameleon as a name for our next venture and he saw the entire path ahead.

After enjoying corporate life for over 12 years, implementing core banking solutions across the globe and finally settling down in Sydney, Ritesh became an entrepreneur (formally) in 2010 building Epictenet ground up to a Fintech. Epictenet evolved from consulting and services to launching chatbot Platform Joey in early 2017 and it was the beginning of us getting deep into futuristic technology.

Joey became the most holistic conversational platform in the world - it was proven every time we finished meetings with senior industry executives, seeing twinkle in their eyes and getting the positive feedback. It led us to see a much bigger opportunity to develop an Experience for the Future and we call that ‘The Chameleon Experience’ - simple to look, feel and engage as if engaging with a human in our day to day life having personalised emotion driven conversation!


Chameleons Think, They are the Best in

Well…They Haven’t Encountered Us Yet!
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Client Engagement
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Invest into the Future

Ever since we’ve known Financial Institutions….

Their challenge has been

Lengthy and expensive Experience creation process, making it hard to keep pace with the tech advancements and customer expectations.

Their Customer Experience has always been

Static, Scripted, Siloed and Multi-page

Our Mission

Making AI-Driven Engagement Simple & Affordable.

You definitely aren’t looking for a VENDOR.....Who:

Takes the time to truly understand your needs;
Takes the time to get to know your company;
Is completely neutral and has no common goal;
Is just there to get the job done;
Merely wants your money;

You’re definitely not looking for a throat to choke. You seek one hand to shake.

We work as an Extension to your team
A Self-Managed Experience Partner

Projects and products don’t bloom in a vacuum, they need a knowledgeable partner who is aligned with larger, broader goals. We provide this additional knowledge to ensure we’re guiding your organisation in the right direction and providing the most appropriate solution not only for today’s needs but that will grow with your organisation.

We work towards Thriving Together!

Since we’re a well knitted team of passionate individuals, the collaboration becomes direct and easy unlike larger organisation.

Only limitation is your imagination

Create Stunning Front-end (Web | Mobile App | Social Media | Voice)

Go-to-Market without writing a single line of code...